About Us

Тhe primary school 25 May -  Hasanbeg was built in 1965 and after a lot of years of total reconstruction in 2015 with European conditions and look.
Good work remains for new generations. Every revolution in a positive aspect for education is national and spiritual value. Our school after a long time made a total reconstruction starting from the school yard, roof, windows, doors, floor, classes, desks, chairs, blackboards, sports hall and lots of different things with what our students are proud to be part of it. The special of all this  is teachers’ professional work, which comparing to the other schools they do in a professional way using projectors, magnetic boards and a lot of different sources for different subjects, starting from the first till ninth grade. The triangle of success collaboration between parent teacher and student, brings high success in our school by taking part in municipal, national and international competitions. The director and his collaborators every year creates better conditions for teachers and students for better results .